Innova, Do's Formación Academy , M. Barriola Butcher's and Amets Descanso are amongst our completed projects. In all these premises we have carried out installations such as computer networks, megaphony, heating systems, intelligent lighting under ballast and luxmeter regulated.



For “Amets Descanso” we carried out a project for the lighting of the premises taking into account that it gets plenty of natural light. As a result the place looks bright and fresh and it boasts a pleasant view on the outside.


For “Do's Formación” we took into account that some of the rooms are interior. Our project consisted of putting up fluorescences combined with other options making the premises adequate for teaching and studying.


For “Innova” recessed downlights and halogen lights were used, which along with the lamps created a warm atmosphere for a decoration shop.


For “M. Barriola Butcher's” we put up spotlights and recessed downlights which light up all the show cases in which the products are displayed.


For “Goenaga” offices we installed an electrical unit into which we inserted adecuate lights for offices.


The same was done for “Aitzkoate”, and also a luxmeter regulated ballast was added, thus improving light pollution. This led to a better working environment, energy savings and longer lasting lights.


For “Sirats” different styles of lighting were combined for a private household with the aim of creating a different kind of atmosphere to suit each room. Sirats decoración.



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