These generate electricity through the solar irradiation they get. Their functioning guarantees a more steady production of electricity. The number of panels and their power will depend on the consumption demand.


Monocrystalline panels

Polycrystalline panels

CIS panels

Uncrystalline panels



The batteries store the energy produced by the solar panels and supply it to the consumers. They are autonomous and they act as a reserve when the generated energy is not sufficient. There are different types of batteries.


Open monoblock

Open vessel

OPzS open vessel

Sealed monoblock

OPzS sealed vessel




The function of the inverters is to turn the energy stocked up in the battery into alternating energy suitable for all types of standard household appliances. It is important to choose the right inverter in order to avoid any kind of damage, both to it and to the device it is connected to.


Insulated half-sine inverters

Low power insulated sine inverters

Medium and high power insulated sine inverters

Insulated sine inverters with adjuster

Insulated half-sine inverters/chargers

Automatic insulated sine inverters/chargers

Inverters attached to network

Information panels for inverters connected to network





Aluminium structures :

These are the cheapest and the easiest to assemble. They are aluminium profiles that are linked with stainless steel bolts and nuts.

L structures :

Their cost is low and they are easy to install. They can be installed either on the ground or on a roof.

HA and HB structures :

These are used in large systems. They differ in height. HA structures are designed for places where there might be vegetation growth or snow accumulation.

D structures :

These are smaller than HA and HB structures. They are also designed for places where there might be vegetation growth or snow accumulation.

HAL and HBL structures :

These are used for very large systems and they can be combined.

M structures :

To be set up on an M type mast. They are manufactured for 1 to 5 photovoltaic modules and it is the most appropriate for high blocks or facades when the roof is not well oriented.

“Console” structures :

It is best suited for flat roofs. It lasts long with no maintenance and has a functional design. It is light weight and set up time and cost are minimum.



They control generation in the solar panel and battery charge and avoid overcharging. They are electronic devices to intertwine with the photovoltaic panels and batteries. A good adjuster will protect the battery, making it last longer.


Low power adjuster

Low power algorithmic adjuster

Algorithmic adjuster with LCD alphanumerical screen

Programmable algorithmic adjuster

High power programmable algorithmic adjuster


Antileak algorithmic adjuster

Timer adjusters for street lights

Multi-voltage ( 12/24/48 v)


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