Energy and control flexible wire 500-1000v

Industrial use screened wire 500-1000v

Armoured cable 500-1000v

For cranes and movable services

Insulated with rubber wrapper

For cable-hanger chain

For power assistor

For industrial robotics

For transmission systems through bus

For data, electronics and computing

For security systems

Heat/cold resistant

Thermocouple, extension and compensation

Phone wire

Optical fibre


Industrial bases and plugs

Tubes, metallic chutes and electrical fitting accessories

Connection and assemblage material

Fixing material

Switches – change-over, both for surface and recessed

All types of plugs

All types of connectors


Adapters and multiplugs

Glass and ceramic fuses

TV material

Electric bells and adjusters

Household and industrial protractors

Protractors and connections

Battery-holders and feeders

Audio, video and TV connections

Crocodile spanners, nail set, welders and battery chargers

Screwdrivers, polarity testers, cable strippers, and dosing guns / pistols

Timer switches, thermostat

Household and industrial wire carrier

Plugs, bases and protractors

Assemblage, mechanism and housing units

Flanges, slates, electrical switchboards and fittings

Antileak material


Low consumption heating system materials

Made of injected aluminium, time proof and corrosion resistant

Single-tube enclosed resistors, specifically designed to achieve a greater creep (development in the thermal fluid)

High precision temperature control system

Exclusive high temperature thermal fluid, resisting from -40 to + 320ºC

Low pressure, non-toxic and noncorrosive

Operating controls (hand-operated thermostat, electronic digital thermostat, electronic digital chronothermostat, superimposed current exchange)

Fittings and complements (rationalization device, phase adaptor…)


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