Solar photovoltaic installations generate electricity from solar light. The system is made up of solar panel or plates, inverters, adjusters and accumulators.

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They can be used in:

Isolated households

It is becoming of vital importance for houses, farms or country houses which are not connected to the main supply network. It allows for basic consumption.

Connected installations

This type of installations are likely to be the most used for flat roofs and rooftops in public or private buildings, or outdoors in areas where their high solar irradiation makes them worthwhile. It is established by Law the obligation on the part of the electricity company to buy all the energy produced, the conditions and the price.


There are other applications such as isolated systems to supply small but continuous consumption: water pumping, street lights, billboards, and so on.






Aluminium structures:

These are the cheapest and the easiest to assemble. They are aluminium profiles that are linked with stainless steel bolts and nuts.

L structures:

Their cost is low and they are easy to install. They can be installed either on the ground or on a roof.

HA and HB structures:

These are used in large systems. They differ in height. HA structures are designed for places where there might be vegetation growth or snow accumulation.

D structures:

These are smaller than HA and HB structures. They are also designed for places where there might be vegetation growth or snow accumulation.

HAL and HBL structures:

These are used for very large systems and they can be combined.

M structures:

To be set up on an M type mast. They are manufactured for 1 to 5 photovoltaic modules and it is the most appropriate for high blocks or facades when the roof is not well oriented.

“Console” structures:

It is best suited for flat roofs. It lasts long with no maintenance and has a functional design. It is light weight and set up time and cost are minimum.



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